Las Vegas Travel Guide: Number One Escape Room

Real Life Escape Game - Office Room

Imagine a door closing behind you and a small group of friends. You can hear the lock slide into place and that’s the moment all of you get to take off your blindfolds. Depending on the exact puzzle or game all of you have chosen, you have anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours to use your intelligence, your wits, and anything you can find in the small room in order to escape before time runs out. No this isn’t the setup to another Saw movie but is the beginning of a new trend known as real life escape games have a bunch of them.

While no one would ever want to find themselves trapped inside a room with only so much time to get out in real life, for individuals or group of friends who enjoy a mental challenge and real-world problem-solving, escape rooms in particular offer both in a setting that is exciting and gives a very clear win and lose scenario. If you manage to escape the room in time you win. On the other hand, if time is up and you still haven’t managed to find a way out you lose.

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