Take Beautiful Vacation Pictures With These Simple Travel Photography Tips

Whether you are a professional photographer, or just a hack at it, photography and travel go hand in hand. We love to capture the beauty and unique qualities of the things we see while travelling. Whether we’re abroad, or exploring some place closer to home, we want to come back with great photos that remind us of the amazing experiences we’ve had. Here are some simple travel photography tips to help you capture your coming travelling adventure.

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Six Tips For Great Pictures While Traveling

    1. Take a Wide Variety of Photos

Capture a wide variety of photos showing where you are, how the weather is, what your surrounding is like etc. Pay attention to the background of the photos, and make sure that you include information that gives them context. Take shots that will tell the story of your journey from the beginning to the end.

    1. Capture The Details

Some people get so wrapped up in taking shots of landmarks and landscapes that they overlook the details. Turn you camera away from the easy to spot features, and look for details that make the place you’re visiting unique. Create a collection of photos that show the differences between your home country, and the place you’re visiting, for instance, differences in architecture, food, climate, local people, streets etc.

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    1. Change Perspective

Imagine if your whole library of photos are taken from the eye level. Would you be interested to look at them? May be at first, but they’ll become boring pretty quickly. Add some excitement and drama to the pictures by changing the perspective from where they’re taken. If you have to, sit, bend over, climb things, lie on your stomach, or stand on your toes to capture perfect shots of various things, from different angles.

    1. Shoot At Different Times Of The Day

Take advantage of the different lighting conditions throughout the day to shoot beautiful photos. For instance, capture the blue skies, the birds singing on the trees, and the sun as it rises in the morning. If you have to photograph during day, tell your subjects to pose in a shade to diffuse the shadow intensity. Alternatively, you can go for a silhouette if a shade is not available. And of course, don’t forget the beautiful sunset photos. Who doesn’t love the warm, deep-orange glow that the sun emits as it sets?

    1. Take Candid Shots

Don’t wait for your subjects to be in the perfect position, or you’ll miss the golden opportunity to capture those special moments. Just keep clicking, and don’t worry if you stuff up, you can always delete what you don’t like later. Use this tip especially if you’re wandering on the streets, at festivals or other public places.

It’s also very important to be respectful towards others. If there’s a private function going on, ask for permission first before taking any photos. If you communicate with others nicely, you’re more likely to be allowed access, even to places that are restricted to the public.

    1. Don’t Forget To Take Photos Of Yourself

Have you ever gone through your travel photos, only to realize that none of them contain your images? It happens sometimes. Hand over the camera to your travel companion, or stranger, and ask them to photograph you in different settings. Letting someone else be your photographer, not only frees your hands, but also gives you a totally different perspective of your tour.


Use these tips from Chris Bernard, professional photographer in BC, to help you capture memorable moments during your next holiday.

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