SEO Tips For Getting Your Travel Agency Found In Local Search

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Use Your Location In Your Title Tag.

First, you need to make sure that your location does indeed appear in your title tags. Even with the changes to the algorithm this is still an extremely important part of SEO. Below is an example of a properly optimized title tag for a business in Vancouver with the location included:

SEO Vancouver BC – Expert Search Engine Optimization Consultants

You may also want to go one step further and include it in your main H1 tag on your pages as this just helps the search engines to work out that your website, and content, is indeed relevant to that particular location. The main thing here is that you need to make sure that it comes across as being natural.

Remember Those Alt Texts With Images.

It is also advisable to include your location in the alt text for the main image on each page. Do remember not to overdo things and place your location all over your page as this is more akin to keyword stuffing and that is certainly not something that Google take kindly to. Instead, focus on the key image and make sure that it is in there along with the title tags as mentioned above and you will see a real difference in your positioning.

Include Your Location In Your Content.

Keeping with the theme of on-site local SEO, it is always best to include your location in the main content on your home page, but as with the title tags you need to make sure that the content is of value, educational, and the location appears naturally in the written text. It cannot look forced, as Google will notice this and they do reward well written content, so rewrite the content for your site and get that location included.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for any business, but to make the most of it you need to really have a business page rather than just your plain old profile page. This page will of course need to be linked to your locality, so make sure that you complete the relevant sections to include your city as this will not only help you to show up on Facebook, but it is also loved by Google.

Use Other Social Media As Well.

Even though Facebook is pretty much the market leader, it is important that you do not forget to also have a listing on Google + as well as other social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these links add some extra power to your business as the searches now place more importance on social status than ever before. By having a detailed page on as many social networking websites as possible, and of course mentioning your location, it does help your business and website to appear higher in those local searches. Click here for more info.

Use Review Websites.

Another key part of local SEO is using review websites and making sure that you are listed on them in the first place. Of course the main one to look out for is and if you have a listing on there, then you are going to see a major improvement in your placing on the search engines. It is also fair to say that people will trust your business more if you are on websites such as Yelp, so it helps you from a marketing sense as well.

Of course, the key here is to include as many of these tips as possible in order to really take advantage of local SEO. It is going to do your website and business no harm at all if you open up all of those social media pages and do the on-site search engine optimization that was mentioned at the outset. However, by doing this, you will be able to help your travel agency business to appear in a prominent position for those people that are searching for flights or vacations in your area. It is easy, it is quick to do, and the benefits are amazing.

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